2mm and 4mm Coin Shaped Beads

    Save on 2mm and 4mm microfacet checkerboard coin strands in a huge variety of stone types!

    Turquoise Blue Brown Banded 2mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Hubei Turquoise- From the Hubei province in Northern China. Two of the finest mines in the Hubei province are the Yungai, which means, "a mountain covered with cloud" and the...

    Fluorite 2mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Fluorite is a luminous, soft and glassy stone, sometimes referred to as “the most colorful mineral in the world.” It is one of the most sought to after minerals among...

    Red Garnet 2mm Coin Faceted A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Red Garnet is the most commonly known type of Garnet, which occurs in many colors. Garnet has been used for adornment and spirituality by myriad cultures and civilizations throughout history,...

    Peridot 4mm Coin Faceted A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Peridot (pair-uh-doe) is one of only two gems, the other being Diamond, that is not formed in the Earth’s crust. Rather, it is born in the molten rock of the...

    Prehnite 4mm Coin Faceted A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Prehnite was the first mineral to be named after a person: its discoverer, Dutch Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn. Von Prehn discovered the stone in South Africa in 1774. Prehnite is...

    Multi Tourmaline 4mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Tourmaline is classified as a semiprecious stone and occurs in a vast array of colors, everything from colorless to black, from pastel to bright to dark. It can even exhibit...

    Morganite 4mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Morganite gets its pink hue from the presence of manganese or cesium in the stone. It's actually a pink variety of Beryl -- the family of gemstones that also includes...

    Labradorite 2mm Coin Faceted A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Labradorite is remarkable for the way its aggregate layers refract light, creating iridescent flashes of blue, gold, pale green or copper red. This effect is known as “labradorescence,” taking its...

    Brazilian Amazonite 2mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Brazilian Amazonite is an opaque blue to green to light green stone, often occurring with inclusions of white, yellow or gray and occasionally translucent milky white. It is named for...

    Malachite 4mm Coin Faceted - 15-16 Inch


    Malachite is a copper carbonate with a bright green color and dark green banding. Usually found near copper deposits, it is formed through the combination of carbonated water, limestone and...

    Topaz 4mm Coin Faceted AA Grade - Limited Editions - 15-16 inch


    Topaz is a rare silicate mineral and obtains much of its popularity from its beautiful colors and its status as a birthstone. Topaz occurs in a wide range of natural...

    Rose Quartz Dyed 2mm Coin Microfaceted - 15-16 Inch


    Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and one of the most common varieties of the Quartz family. It is a translucent to transparent stone with a soft pale pink...

    Peach Moonstone Natural 2mm Coin Microfaceted - 15-16 Inch


    Moonstone naturally occurs in a broad spectrum of colors, but is most commonly associated with white, gray and peach. Its soft chatoyancy is reminscent of the moon's light. Metaphysically, Moonstone...

    Crystal Quartz Natural 2mm Coin Microfaceted - 15-16 Inch


    Crystal Quartz is a naturally occurring clear and colorless Quartz. It is a crystalline form of Quartz said to have many divine properties including the ability to amplify and radiate...

    Black Spinel Natural 2mm Coin Microfaceted - 15-16 Inch


    Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide, and comes in a range of other colors, but those varieties are transparent. Black Spinel not only has the dark color, but...

    Amethyst Natural 2mm Coin Microfaceted - 15-16 Inch


    Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone, known as a “Gem of Fire” by ancient cultures. It has been greatly sought after throughout history and was at times valued as highly...

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