Stretch Bracelets and the Tricky Ricky Knot

Check out the drawing below, where we show you the trick to making a secure knot when using elastic stranding materials. This special knot is very durable and does not require that you use glue to hold it together (which is great, because sometimes glue can actually cause your bracelets to break.) 


Make fun stretch bracelets using this knot for tying your elastics!

A few products and tools to get your started in making your own stretch bracelets:

Beadalon Elasticity  (We recommend using 0.5mm or 0.8mm elastic for standard beads. If your beads have larger holes, use the 1mm.)

Bead Smith Big Eye Needle

Your choice of Cutter Tool

Bead Stoppers

Your choice of beads, gemstones, metal beads and more!


A few important notes to keep in mind when making your bracelet:

-  Start with a 2.5′ elastic, fold it in half. You will be threading both strands of elasticity through your beads.

-  Pre-stretch your elastic before stringing to make it stronger.

-  Cut one end off of your Big Eye Needle. This allows the needle to open up into a 'V' so you can easily slide your needle on/off the elastic. 

-  Place the 'V' of the big eye needle you just cut at the fold (center) of the elasticity you just cut. Add a bead stopper at the ends of the strands to hold beads in place.

-  Strand your beads (larger holes work best)

-  When finished, slide the needle off of the loop, take the two opposite ends and pull them through the looped end of the bracelet (Figure A)

-  Follow Steps B through D to make your knot!

-  Optional: you can add a drop of glue to add strength to your knot.


Our new co-worker and friend Beth was inspired to make some quick, gorgeous stretchy bracelets with this week's featured stones! She chose a subtle arrangement of Black/Gold Amazonite, Pink Aventurine & Gray Agate stones, hinted with sparkle in our new plated faceted rounds.


Take Care and Happy Beading! 

- Dakota Stones