Nuggets and Chips: High Quality Stone with Minimal Investment

Nuggets and chips are made from premium off-cuts when cutting cabochons and other shapes. It is a great way to incorporate high quality stones with minimal investment. They are simply tumbled, minimally processed, and left with their organic shapes. Here are some beautiful new nuggets and chips we have available!


Blue Chalcedony

Our Marbled Blue Chalcedony is created from Chalcedony and the material that it forms next to, creating a marbled form of the stone.

Green Lodalite Quartz

Green Lodalite is Quartz with sand inclusions! These inclusions range broadly in type and color and produce patterns that can look like gardens. Thus inspiring the stone’s alias, Garden Quartz. 

Labradorite Chips

Labradorite is remarkable for the way its aggregate layers refract light, creating iridescent flashes of blue, gold, pale green or copper red. This effect is known as “labradorescence,” taking its name from the stone. 

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate displays highly defined parallel banding, usually in white on hues of brown, gray, pink, tan, apricot and purplish red. Botswana Agate was formed nearly 187 million years ago by lava flowing in waves from long faults in the earth. This lava rolled across the landscape, depositing layer upon layer of Quartz silicate to create the banding and patterns now prized in Botswana Agate.

Labradorite Nuggets

Labradorite is usually gray to green, dark gray, light gray or black. It was discovered in Labrador, Canada in 1770 and named for the area, though it is referenced as a highly revered stone in much older Inuit tribal legends.

Orange Chalcedony

Believe it or not, this orange chalcedony is natural in color! Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family, a form of silica with a cryptocrystalline structure. Known in antiquity as the Speaker’s Stone, it is believed to have been worn Cicero, the great Roman orator.