Dakota Stones Blog 3.7.2022 

Speaking of Plating...Smart Tips on Plated Hematite

Plated hematite is our latest bead crush. It has the distinct feel of hematite combined with the versatility of copper, bronze, silver and gold tones in both matte and bright finishes.

Plated hematite has some distinct features:

Yes, it's hematite under that coating! We wanted our beads to be higher quality than the commonly found "hemalyke" or plated metal beads that masquerade as hematite. So, yes, under that plating is hematite, not a substitute with similar weight.

Speaking of Plating...

We did that differently. We chose a higher quality plating process to insure that the metal coating won't chip, fade, flake, or degrade with time and use. (One of our pet peeves in plated and galvanized beads, whether metal, glass, or stone.)

Plus, Unique, On-Trend, and Versatile Cuts.

We wanted options that transcended the hematite shapes we'd already seen everywhere. So we opted for everything from small rounds and heishi beads, to square chips and faceted cubes. We thought it was worth paying a bit more to play with the potential in plated hematite as a substitute for traditional metal beads.

Some more great things about plated hematite:

1)   Price and Quality. Plated metal is relatively cheap, but it can be inconsistent and prone to wear. Some gold plating looks pretty good, and others can come in various shades of brassy to gold. Silver plating comes in many shades as well. Gold-filled, silver-filled, or sterling are consistent, but not viable if you are designing for a lower price point. In short, paying a bit more for hematite keeps quality up and cost down.

2)   More Versatility. Most of the styles will look great whether they're used as spacers or continuous lengths. Three or four strung strands in almost any combination of cut and color make a low-labor necklace or bracelet that will be an easy seller.

3)   It Just Feels Good. Have you ever let a few strands of hematite cascade down your hands? The physical weight and texture of hematite is the BEST.

4)   Personality. The look of the design changes greatly based on the cut of hematite you choose. The 2mm hexagons and chips are a new go-to spacer for designs that need a little extra "something". You can also substitute 2 and 3mm wheel and heishi beads for seed beads or metal rounds! The 4mm square chips are amazing to work with as spacers, or grouped together in stringing or wire wrapped designs.

5)   It's stone. Many customers have at least a passing interest in the idea that their purchase may have some metaphysical properties. Including hematite gives additional talking points and added benefits for customers. Since hematite has a more mainstream history in this area, it's also a more accessible concept than some other stones out there.

Take Care and Happy Beading,

Dakota Stones