What are Healing Stones?


While stones look naturally beautiful, they also are known to have properties that are thought to help people – anything from calming anxiety to getting restful sleep to aiding in a little bit of good luck. People wear them in jewelry, put them in their pocket or purse, or leave them around their homes as decor.

Here are a few stones and stone families that are known especially for their healing properties. 



Properties: Purifying, calming, removing energy blockages, releasing negative energy

Uses: Cleansing and charging other stones, meditation, calming anxiety, providing clarity

Chakra: Crown

Other info:

- Most commonly found in the USA, Morocco, Greece, Australia

- The name comes from the Greek word “selene” which means moon

- It vibrates at a very high frequency, known as one of the most powerful healing crystals





Properties: Warding negative energy, harmonizing, habit-breaking, calming, grounding, communicating and public speaking

Uses: Balancing Yin and Yang energy, aiding in healing physical ailments, aiding in refreshing sleep, meditation, bringing tranquility, providing and enhancing stimulation and energy

Chakra: Throat

Other info:

- Most commonly found in the USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Russia, India, Serbia, Kenya

- It does not ever require cleansing because it does not hold any negative energy




1. Clear/Crystal Quartz

Properties: Healing, harmonizing, mental clarity, restoring the mind and the body, protection 

Uses: Improving mental and physical energy, enhancing spiritual growth, inspiration and creativity boosting, manifestation

Chakra: Crown & the master of all chakras

Other info: 

- Most commonly found in Arkansas, USA and Brazil

- Believed to be sent from the gods as eternal ice

- Scholars in the 1500s thought it was fossilized ice



2. Phantom Quartz

Properties: Cleansing auras, warding negative energy, balancing energy throughout the body

Uses: Overcoming feelings of stagnation, aiding in personal growth, mindfulness

Chakra: Crown

Other info: 

- Only found in an inland state in Brazil called Minas Gerais

- It is said that the clearer/less cloudy the stone is, the more one will feel its healing properties



3. Tourmalated Quartz

Properties: Protection from negative thoughts, balancing energy throughout the body, grounding, harmonizing

Uses: Mindfulness, cleansing and purifying a physical space, good luck, soaking up negative energy

Chakra: Third Eye

Other info: 

- Most commonly found in Brazil

- It gets its name from the process of quartz forming with Black Tourmaline

- The earliest known use for it was over 2 million years ago in Ethiopia

- It is also known as Rhutilated Quartz