Interesting Facts About Interesting Stones

With hundreds of stone types available on the market, overlooking some stones is very common and oftentimes unintentional. We get it - Dakota Stones offers roughly 6,000 gemstone products, it’s hard to look at all of them! Here are some stones we think rock!



Iolite: Iolite can be purple, grey, or even colorless, and often has a pearly sheen to it.. The color of the stone can also shift when viewed from different angles, which is the phenomenon called pleochroism! Also known as the Viking’s Compass or simply “the vision stone”, it was used long ago to help Vikings steer their ship across the seas, which makes sense because it is a stone used to help see across all forms of self and life. It is also a grounding stone, helping you come back from confusion or feelings of being lost. Iolite gets its trade name from the Greek word “ios” which means violet, nodding to its common purple hue. This stone is found across the globe, most notably in Tanzania, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Namibia, Burma, and the USA.


Red Garnet

Red Garnet: Garnet is associated with the heart and root chakras, and it is known to cleanse and revitalize the chakras. It is widely known as a stone of romantics - bringing harmony to one’s relationship, enhancing sexuality and passion, encouraging positive thoughts, and so much more. Garnet is thought to inspire love, devotion, and commitment. This stone has many stories associated with it, including biblical references and Greek mythology references. The name Garnet comes from the Latin word for pomegranate, stemming from the stone’s red-purple appearance, which is “Granatum.” It is most commonly found in India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka, and its original origin and date of discovery is unknown. There are many shades, colors, and types of Garnet but the most common color is red.


Iolite & Prehnite

Prehnite: Known as a stone of unconditional love and healing, Prehnite is associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras. It is a harmonious and protecting stone, and people often use it to calm themselves and their environments. People also use it to de-clutter their mind and their physical space, getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve them. Prehnite is thought to awaken your mind and help you stay focused. It will help you trust in yourself and trust in the universe. People sometimes use it to stimulate and strengthen lucid dreaming. This stone is often found in the USA, Australia, China, Scotland, and South Africa. It was first discovered in 1774 in South Africa and Colonel Hendrik von Prehn brought it back to Switzerland with him, which is how it got its name.



Arusha Sunstone: This type of Sunstone is a symbiotic crystal made up of Sunstone and Beryl. Arusha Sunstone is a stone of positive energy and healing, and it is often used to protect and ward one’s energy from negativity, both in the form of energy and spirits. It is also a stone of attraction, as it can bring good luck, wealth and prosperity, and positive people into our lives. Sunstone in general can be used to enhance motivation, emotional healing, and overall happiness. People also use it to relieve sadness, anxiety, and self-doubt. Arusha Sunstone is most commonly found in Tanzania. This stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and it is also one of the most powerful crystals used with the sacral chakra.



Brazilian Amazonite: Also known as the Amazon Stone because it was thought to have been first discovered along the Amazon River Basin in Brazil, although this is actually not true. This stone has been found all across the globe. Ancient Egyptians treasured Amazonite and used it for many reasons, most commonly for jewelry making and scribing. It can be dated back to even the 10th century BC. Amazonite is sometimes called “Colorado Jade” because the two stone types look very similar, and Amazonite can be a wide variety of blue, green, and yellow shades. This stone is widely used as a healing stone, and it can also be used for luck. It is thought to have a calming and healing effect on the nervous system, and people often use it to calm stress, anxiety, and stressful situations in general.