Hematite: The Original Blood Stone


You won't look at Hematite the same after this! If you can believe it, Hematite has the same chemical make-up as common rust (although it looks much more beautiful) which is why its original color is rusty red! The distinct pearly grey sheen only comes from polishing the stone and removing the red color from the surface. 

Hematite’s origin is quite interesting, it is actually one of the earliest forms of a mirror that was used because it is so reflective. The stone is so old that people from the Paleolithic era would use ground-up Hematite to paint in caves! Long ago Native American and Roman female warriors would paint their faces with powdered Hematite, believing it would protect them during battle. Hematite is revered as an incredible piece of history. The stone is also thought to provide courage and strength, and grounding. Its name comes from the Greek word “haima” meaning blood. It is found in a variety of places and climates - most notably including South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland. 

Hematite is most widely known for its grounding properties, as well as its protection properties. It is connected to the root chakra, keeping us stable and confident. It is also connected to blood, which is why people carried it with them in battle but also had it with them when giving birth. It is said that the reason why the stone is connected to blood is because its chemical composition is very iron-rich. 

Mentally, Hematite can help clear emotional blockages and bring peace and harmony back to oneself. People who identify as empaths may carry this stone to help ground them! To help keep balance, promote focus, or ward off negative energy in your physical space, place a Hematite specimen in any room you wish. Keeping the stone near your front door is thought to ban negative energy from entering your entire home.


Here are some stones that complement Hematite when used together!

Rose Quartz
  • Rose Quartz: It is often used as a stone of love and courage, so pairing it with Hematite is thought to help you overcome feelings of shyness or doubt. Rose Quartz also helps promote peace, while Hematite can get rid of negative energy.

    • White Howlite

      Howlite: It is thought to help promotefocus and energy. Both Howlite and Hematite have very high vibrations, so using them together when at work or studying is thought to help quell any distracting thoughts and reset your attention.

      • Malachite

        Malachite: It can be used to help promote wisdom and compassion, and pairing it with Hematite can amplify that even more. Malachite and Hematite can help take care of yourself as a whole, with focusing on your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Using them together is thought to help you center in on your feelings and emotions.

      • Shungite

        Shungite: It is a powerful energy stone and it can protect your energy, and using it with Hematite can even help protect from electromagnetic rays just like Terahertz. Shungite and Hematite is thought to absorb those rays and actually turn them into positive energy!