The Magnificent Terahertz


A very new stone, Terahertz is an amazing addition to any stone-lover’s collection. It was only discovered a decade ago by Japanese scientists, and it is made when silica is extracted from sand or quartz. It is a rare, man-made stone, and it is often hard to find it on the market. It gets its name from terahertz oscillating vibrations that are found in our bodies as well as vibrations and frequencies that are found in all sorts of things across the universe.

Terahertz is also known for its thermal conductivity. Scientists discovered that the stone had vibration frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 30THz, which is between that which emits from microwaves and infrared light. These frequencies are often called the Radiation of Life.

Because of the high vibrations, it is known to be a warming stone and it can help regulate body temperature! Terahertz is thought to stimulate blood circulation and boost energy levels. It has been known to help with blood clots. People who have regularly cold hands and feet may feel a desire to wear Terahertz bracelets and anklets to warm up their body. It is thought to be able to stimulate cell growth and improve mobility. 

It is said that Terahertz was made to protect people from harmful electromagnetic radiation and a good use for the stone is to leave it by your computer. You can also wear it as a bracelet while you use your phone! People often wear this stone in every day jewelry so they can feel the full effects of the healing properties.




As well as physical benefits, Terahertz also has mental benefits. It can be used to alleviate stress and worries, and it can help calm down your brain after a busy and exhausting day. It can relieve body fatigue as well. This stone has been known to speed up skill-building and learning. It can aid in success in both mental and physical states. It is a revitalizing stone that can help foster a steady and healthy energy flow to the user or wearer. People use it to connect with oneself truly and wholly. Terahertz is also thought to attract wealth and prosperity, and it can bring good luck. It is a revitalizing stone that can help foster a steady energy flow to the user or wearer.

Overall, Terahertz is a high power, high energy stone that can help you in ways you probably didn’t even realize!