Why Do People Collect Gemstones and Crystals?


The obsession with stones dates back thousands of years and recently has grown into a tidal wave of trends and information. Stones and crystals can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Sumerians, using them in magical formulas and wearing them as amulets or talismans. Ancient Egyptians would also mine stones and crystals to make jewelry.

You can find stones almost anywhere and in almost anything these days - celebrities and influencers advertise stones in their products, metaphysical shops are popping up in every city. The allure of stones and their metaphysical properties is undeniable, whether you believe in that or not, but there are a lot of reasons people want stones to be a part of their daily life.

One reason is that people enjoy the aesthetic of stones. Some people place them around their home as decor, some have a dedicated spot for their collection, and some strategically put them in certain rooms to harness and radiate certain energy.

Another reason, and probably the most popular reason, is that people use stones for their metaphysical properties. Not only are they beautiful, but stones are thought to help, heal, and “correct” certain intentions or ailments. Different stones are used for different purposes. For example, if someone wanted to quell their daily anxiety, they might carry an amethyst palm stone with them, as amethyst is thought to help relieve stress, fatigue and anxiety. People also use stones in meditation and yoga practices, which is an easy way to accumulate stones within their collection.

Stones can simply make someone feel good when they look at them or when they hold them. That in itself draws people to collect and showcase them. Stones often evoke emotion more than your average piece of home decor.

Last, each stone is unique and comes with a story. Stones come from all over the world - how cool is it to have pieces from the most exotic corners on the planet? Die hard collectors look for these most rare and sought after stones, making their collection more valuable.

Stone collection can start very young, with people raised on the notion of stones harboring energy and metaphysical properties, or the collector can have personal experience with a stone that inspires them to start their own, unique collection. Either way, stones have been a prize to people for a long time.