Stone Cut: The Beauty of Energy Prisms



With the use of geometry and a good understanding of light, which is extremely important for precious stones with strong dispersion - or color refracting through light - we can create optimal cuts for each individual stone type. The facets on each stone become flat and the need for polishing the stones becomes almost non-existent. We can also now get extremely small beads and stones showing the same luster and shine as larger stones. These stones work well when paired with larger beads as sparkling accents but can be just as beautiful on their own in a variety of jewelry styles.


Energy Prisms, while they are not a shape exclusive to Dakota Stones, had its name coined by us! They were previously known as Energy Tubes, but we changed the name because the specific cut of the stone bounces and refracts light from the facets in the surface like a prism.


This shape starts with a round bead that then undergoes a multi-step diamond faceting process. First, the entire bead is faceted. Then a step-cut is made around the center of the bead creating double terminated points. It is said that energy travels from one bead to the next because of its shape, hence the name! These beads are also unconventional because their facets are horizontal to the drill hole, not vertical like in most cases. This dynamic stone cut was first launched in September of 2020 in 20 different stone types. Now, we have these beads available in over 40 stone types and in 4-10mm sizes.


DIY Cacoxenite Wrap Bracelet with Energy Prism

In jewelry, Energy Prism beads can add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple design. For example, take this memory wire wrap bracelet featuring Cacoxenite beads from GoodyBeads! The unique shape of the beads adds a contrast to any design and can be a fun way to incorporate variety and dimension! Pair with a different shape or a different color, the possibilities are endless.