Purple and Black Gemstones & Fluorite Lore


Another Introduction to Stones and Color

When picking out stones to wear as jewelry, keep in your home, or any other situation or environment, color is very important to consider. Gemstone colors have different metaphysical properties and energies so no two will be exactly the same. Even stones within the same color family can have very different properties and uses! Like we mentioned in our last blog, certain colors are associated with some notable properties, chakras, and more. Last week we focused on blue gemstones and how they emanate peace, wisdom, healthy communication, and so much more.


Dakota Stones Phosphosiderite and Specimen

Purple Stones

This week we are focusing on purple gemstones. Purple stones are revered as stones of royalty, power, luxury, and even magic. Purple stones form naturally and are naturally colored, but they are also very rare. The hue of the stone can vary between light purple and lavender all the way to deep purple. The deeper the color, the more rare they are, which is the same with blue stones!

Some of the most notable properties and benefits of purple stones are:

- Mental Clarity and Spiritual Awakening

Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, purple stones promote awareness, intuition, and wisdom. They are often used as a tool to aid in spiritual healing. People also use them to become more spiritually aware, reach higher consciousness, and protect and enhance their natural aura.

- Anxiety and Stress Relief

Purple stones are also very commonly used to help quell anxiety and stressful thoughts. These stones are widely known for their calming energies, and they can help someone along their path of discovering self-love and transformation. People who experience insomnia due to anxiety can also use purple stones to help them sleep peacefully.


Commonly Known and Used Purple Stones

Amethyst    |    Ametrine    |    Cacoxenite (aka Super 7)

Lepidolite    |    Kunzite    |    Tanzanite    |    Fluorite

Note: Dakota Stones carries a variety of each of these stone types!


Dakota Stones Shungite Gemstones

Black Stones

We are also focusing on black stones this week! Black stones are commonly known as being stones of knowledge, protection, cleansing, and purity of spirit. Some people believe that they are symbols of life, death, and fertility. They are also associated with water energies. Black stones are mysterious and beautiful and should be viewed as such!

Some of the most notable properties and benefits of black stones are:

- Detoxification and Cleansing

Natural black materials like charcoal are able to absorb toxins in the environment and in the body, and it is similar to black gemstones. They are thought to be the best at absorbing energies, especially negative energies.

- Protection of the Body and Mind

Black stones are associated with the base or root chakra, which directly correlates to their ability to protect and shield from harmful energy, both physical and mental. Stones like Shungite and Black Tourmaline are commonly used as protection tools, and they can even help protect from electromagnetic radiation.


Commonly Known and Used Black Stones

Onyx    |    Shungite    |    Obsidian    |    Black Spinel

Black Tourmaline    |    Black Tourmalinated Quartz    |    Black Opal

Note: Dakota Stones carries a variety of each of these stone types!


Introduction to Fluorite

Perhaps one of the most powerful and sought after purple gemstones, Fluorite is both beautiful and interesting. It can be found in a variety of colors, most notably its banded colors of purple, blue, green, and magenta. Fluorite’s name comes from the Latin word “flux” which means to flow interchangeably. This relates to the stone’s regular color banding and how the colors blend in the light. Different colored Fluorite each have different properties but the stone in general is known for its energetic flow and has been used for thousands of years.

Metaphysical Properties and Uses of Fluorite

Similarly to black stones, Fluorite is known for its ability to absorb negative energy. This stone in particular can take that negative energy and transform it into positive energy. Fluorite is thought to help bring someone out of spiritual burnout, and can help guide them into spiritual awakening. It is a common stone to keep in your home environment because like most purple stones, its energies can enhance one’s aura.