From Aquamarine to Sapphire: The Most Beautiful Blue Stones


Lapis Gemstone Beads from Dakota Stones

Introduction to Stones and Color

Gemstones, crystals, rocks, and stones are all different - all with varying colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. Stones are often and commonly categorized by stone type family and color family. Especially with color, there is belief that each family represents its own set of metaphysical properties, energies, and more. For example, red stones commonly symbolize passion, sensuality and sexuality, and power. Yellow stones commonly symbolize positivity and positive outlooks, energy of the sun, and revitalization. Color is often important to gemstone collectors and  jewelry makers. Choosing bright and bold colored gemstones can add variety and style to your jewelry designs, your home, and your general stone collection.

Blue Stones

Today, we are focusing on blue stones and all of their amazing benefits, metaphysical properties, and uses. Blue stones are most known for their water and air energies, and the blue hues of each stone encompass those energies beautifully. They are also associated with Neptune. These stones bring a sense of peace and serenity as well as an invitation to unwind and ground yourself. A sense of nature is encapsulated in each stone because blue is the color of the deep oceans, and the color of the sky at daylight and at dusk.


Some of the most notable properties and benefits of blue stones are:

- Cleansing of the Body and Mind

Blue stones are widely known to clear and cleanse chakras, and make way for new energy and enlightenment. Blue stones often steer clear of harboring negative energy, so they are perfect for any person or situation. They are also known to promote spiritual awakening, and they can help ease anxieties or stress. People can use them to keep a calm mind. It is also best to use blue stones when making big decisions because they can bring about leadership qualities as well as clear-headed thinking.

- Relationships and Communication

Associated with the throat chakra, which aids in healthy communication, blue stones can play a huge role in healing and maintaining relationships. They are thought to help with confidence, honesty, and intuition. Blue stones are a powerful tool to help with balancing emotional problems within relationships, and they can open up communication between partners. As well as being able to bring peace to oneself, they can also bring peace in relationships across the board.

- Physical Healing

Because blue stones are usually associated with the throat chakra, they can also help aid in healing of the throat, mouth, thyroid, shoulders, and neck! Physical healing and stones go hand in hand, and people sometimes don’t realize that crystals have many more benefits than meets the eye. When used correctly and regularly, blue stones can help heal sore throats, reduce muscle strain and tension in the neck and shoulders, and even help combat colds and fevers.


Commonly Known and Used Blue Stones

Aquamarine   |   Blue Kyanite   |   Sodalite   |   Blue Apatite

Amazonite   |   Blue Lace Agate   |   Lapis    |    Sapphire

Note: Dakota Stones carries a variety of each of these stone types!


Sapphire Gemstone Beads from Dakota Stones

Introduction to Sapphire

One of the most beautiful and sought after blue stones is Sapphire. It is one of the four Cardinal Gems, meaning that these gemstones were considered some of the rarest and most precious out of all of the stone types. Sapphire stones are also known as a corundum, and they come in a rainbow of colors. Red corundum stones are actually known as Rubies! Sapphires are widely known as a stone of royalty and wisdom, which directly correlates to their blue color. The more translucent and the deeper the blue, the more rare and expensive its value becomes. Sapphires rate a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones available besides Diamonds. It is also very commonly used in jewelry because of its hardness.

Metaphysical Properties and Uses of Sapphire

Since Sapphire is known as a stone of royalty and wisdom, people often use the stones as a tool to attract abundance in wealth, gifts, and blessings. Like most blue stones, Sapphire is associated with the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra. Because of that, this stone is often used as a tool for healthy communication and self-expression. Sapphires are commonly used in engagement and wedding rings because of its ties to romance, and it being a very hard stone makes them long lasting. Overall, this stone is a great option for anyone wanting to be their best self and reach their highest potential.