Fall in love with design all over again with faceted cubes from Dakota Stones. Our most popular new shape features precision-cut facets to reveal depth at any angle. The versatility of this shape makes it ideal for designing necklaces, earrings and bracelets, giving unforgettable style to any design.


We also carry faceted cubes ranging from 2mm-10mm to fit all sorts of design needs. Heidi created her design (above) with 4mm faceted labradorite cubes, but 2mm would be a perfect lightweight alternative.

Incorporating Dakota Stones faceted cubes is a fantastic way to add dimension to even the simplest of designs. There are no limits in the ways you can use them, but here are a few tips our in-house designers So and Heidi wanted to share:


  • The small size and shape is great to use as a spacer or accent bead

  • This 4mm size can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement to 4mm rounds

  • The cube cut allows for greater visibility on the surface of the gemstone

  • The facets give this stone an extra dimension

  • When stacked with other shapes cubes create a strong contrasting look

  • When stacked together, cubes sit flush against one another to create a look almost like a solid line



So Vang shared her faceted turquoise cube earrings with us and they have quickly become a favorite among jewelry makers! She used Dakota Stones 2mm faceted cubes and bead stitched them onto a Beadalon® Quick Link. For PDF instructions, supply list, and a video tutorial CLICK HERE!

Whether you are making gifts for friends and family or designing to sell, incorporating Dakota Stones faceted cubes is a wonderful way to punch up your designs. You are bound only by the constraints of your own imagination!

- Dakota Stones