Amazonite 8x10-12x14mm Slices 8-Inch


    Amazonite is a member of the feldspar family, Amazonite, also known as Amazon Stone, ranges in color from blue-green to green. It is an opaque stone, often found with white,...

    Black Moss Opal 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Black Moss Opal features dark moss to green dendritic inclusions that branch like tiny tree limbs through the stone, which is milky white, brown and black in color. Unlike other...

    Carnelian 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Carnelian is a glassy, translucent stone that can appear with such bright orange hues that the ancient Egyptians called it “the setting sun.” Most deep red Carnelian has been heat...

    Green Aventurine 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Green Aventurine is a green translucent quartz with glimmering metallic inclusions. Green is the most common color for Aventurine, but it can also occur as orange, brown, yellow, blue or...

    Iron Zebra Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Iron Zebra Jasper displays streaks or stripes of colors ranging from dark, rich browns and grays to lighter golden browns and creams. It has characteristics similar to Tiger Iron and...

    Lapis 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Lapis is a semi to precious stone and one of the most sought after throughout history. It is highly regarded for its beautiful blue color flecked with gold inclusions of...

    Kambaba Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Kambaba Jasper is a sedimentary stone comprised of microcrystalline Quartz interlaced with Stromatolites — ancient fossilized colonies of primeval microorganisms. Stromatolites date back more than three billion years and are...

    Blue Apatite 8-12mm Slice - Limited Editions


    Blue Apatite ranges in color from light teal to blue to bright blue to dark blue to green. It can be easily confused with other minerals due to its variety...

    Picture Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Picture Jasper is a form of brown Jasper characterized by its unique banding and flow patterns created by petrified or silicate mud and occasional dendritic inclusions. On cut or polished...

    Crazy Lace Agate 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Crazy Lace Agate is a banded Chalcedony that naturally occurs as golden brown with layers of pink, red and gray in swirling circular patterns. It has been called “the Laughter...

    Mexican Zebra Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Mexican Zebra Jasper has banded and marbled patterns of translucent to opaque milky white and black. Jasper has a long and illustrious history, and is traceable to virtually all ancient...

    Fancy Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Fancy Jasper, also known as Rainbow Jasper, ranges in color from light to dark green, deep red, tan, cream, pink and mauve. It is a chalcedony believed to bring balance...

    Red Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Red Jasper is an aggregate of microcrystalline quartz and/or chalcedony and other minerals. The opaque stone’s red color is due to high iron content, while other impurities in the stone...

    Larimar 6-10mm Slice - 8-inch


    Larimar is a translucent blue, turquoise and white stone that can have streaks and patterns of white, as well as red or brown either from oxidation or Hematite inclusions. It...

    Dumortierite 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate mineral that varies in color from blue, green and brown to the more rare violet and pink. First described in 1881, the mineral was named...

    Moonstone 13-18mm Slice - 8-inch


    Moonstone naturally occurs in a broad spectrum of colors, but is most commonly associated with white, gray and peach. It's soft chatoyancy is reminscent of the moon's light. Metaphysically, Moonstone...

    Dalmation Jasper 27x34mm Slice Gold Plated - Pendant


    Dalmation Jasper is the trade name for Dalmation Stone, which is not Jasper but rather a combination of Feldspar and Quartz. It is opaque, creamy white to pale gray or...

    Chrysocolla 8-12mm Slice - 8 Inch


    Chrysocolla, a hydrous copper silicate, is often mistaken for turquoise due to its rich blues and blue to greens. It often also occurs with colors of rust, copper, black, white...

    K2 9x12-12x15mm Slice 8-Inch


    K2 is a stone recently discovered in the foothills of the mountain for which it is named, K2, in the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan. It is a white granite...

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