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    Chips are one of our favorite shapes because of their organic look, but also because they are naturally beautiful.

    Lapis 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Lapis is a semi to precious stone and one of the most sought after throughout history. It is highly regarded for its beautiful blue color flecked with gold inclusions of...

    Aquamarine 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Aquamarine is a transparent to translucent stone ranging from cerulean blue to light blue in higher grades. In lower grades it can be transparent to opaque and is commonly light...

    Labradorite 5x8mm Chips - 15-16 Inch


    Labradorite is remarkable for the way its aggregate layers refract light, creating iridescent flashes of blue, gold, pale green or copper red. This effect is known as “labradorescence,” taking its...

    Charoite 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Charoite is a stone that naturally occurs in intense purple hues, as well as grays, browns, greenish yellows, white and black. These colors swirl throughout the stone in fascinating matrices...

    Larimar 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Larimar is a translucent blue, turquoise and white stone that can have streaks and patterns of white, as well as red or brown either from oxidation or Hematite inclusions. It...

    Blue Kyanite 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Kyanite often occurs as long, bladed, striated crystals, transparent or translucent with a pearly luster. An aluminum silicate mineral, it may appear in white, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray...

    Canadian Jade 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Canadian Jade is the trade name for this stone that ranges in color from light to dark green, with small, dark specks or veins. This material is actually Serpentine, a...

    Pink Opal 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Pink Opal is a variety of non to precious opal, meaning that it has lustre and some translucency without the fire or color play associated with precious opal varieties. Pink...

    Tourmaline 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Tourmaline is classified as a semiprecious stone and occurs in a vast array of colors, everything from colorless to black, from pastel to bright to dark. It can even exhibit...

    Amber 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Amber is a yellow, brown or orange organic gem, neither a crystal nor a mineral. It is a product of nature, the fossilized resin of prehistoric pine trees. A mixture...

    Brazilian Amazonite 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Brazilian Amazonite is an opaque blue to green to light green stone, often occurring with inclusions of white, yellow or gray and occasionally translucent milky white. It is named for...

    Rhodonite 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Rhodonite, whose name is derived from the Greek word for Rose, “rhodon,” is known for its pink, red and magenta hues. A Manganese inosilicate (or chain silicate), Rhodonite belongs to...

    Black Rutilated Quartz 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Rutilated Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with unique needle-like inclusions of Rutile. These “needles” usually appear golden, but can also appear silver, red, copper, or black and can be...

    Blue Moonstone 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Moonstone naturally occurs in a broad spectrum of colors, but is most commonly associated with white, gray and peach. It's soft chatoyancy is reminscent of the moon's light. Metaphysically, Moonstone...

    Golden Sunstone 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Sunstone, a variety of Feldspar, is aptly named for its shades of gold, orange, red and brown, as well as its iridescent sparkle. As the stone catches the light, inclusions...

    Seraphinite 5x8mm Chip - 15-16 Inch


    Seraphinite's chatoyancy (optical reflectance) gives it a feathery appearance associated with angels (also known as seraphim.) Seraphinite is most commonly found in shades of dark green and gray.

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