Blue Perennial & Summer Song Beads

    Sapphire Blue, Rough 7-9mm Nugget - 15-16 Inch


    Metaphysically, all sapphires are considered stones of wisdom, however different colors have additional attributes such as enhanced emotional resilience, creativity, and receptivity. Sapphires sustain life force and attract peace and...

    Aquamarine 8mm Banded Round - 15-16 Inch


    Aquamarine is a transparent to translucent stone ranging from cerulean blue to light blue in higher grades. In lower grades it can be transparent to opaque and is commonly light...

    Kyanite Natural 13X18mm Freeform Oval A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Kyanite often occurs as long, bladed, striated crystals, transparent or translucent with a pearly luster. An aluminum silicate mineral, it may appear in white, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray...

    Terra Agate 14x40mm Barrel 15-16 Inch


    With the possible exception of the horizon meeting the bright blue sky on a perfect summer day, or a sandy beach blending into a tropical bay, there may not be...

    MATTE Sodalite 10mm Round - 15-16 Inch


    Sodalite is named for its sodium content and may be classified as a feldspathoid. Blue Sodalite is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s lapis” because of its similar color and...

    Terra Agate 20x30mm Free Form Oval 15-16 Inch


    With the possible exception of the horizon meeting the bright blue sky on a perfect summer day, or a sandy beach blending into a tropical bay, there may not be...

    Sunset Dumortierite 8mm Faceted Round - 15-16 Inch


    Sunset Dumortierite has a much brighter palette than regular Dumortierite, from light blue to lapis blue to cobalt, as well as some occurrences of dark gray. Dumortierite is an aluminum...

    Blue Lace Agate 2mm Faceted Round - 15-16 Inch


    Blue Lace Agate is a naturally occuring soft blue agate, laced with bands or swirls of brighter blue, periwinkle, white and occasionally gray or brown. It is one of the...

    Pegmatite 8mm Round With Spinel, A-Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Rare Natural Scorzalite Spinel With Muscovite in Pegmatite Cobalt Blue. Mined in the Western United States this mix of unique minerals has only been cut into beads for the first...

    Blue Porcelain Agate 12mm Round - 15-16 Inch


    Porcelain Agate is a natural agate that is dyed and heated to give it the unique blue color and pattern that resembles porcelain. 

    Dumortierite 27x34mm Slice Silver Plated - Pendant


    Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate mineral that varies in color from blue, green and brown to the more rare violet and pink. First described in 1881, the mineral was named...

    Lemurian Aquatine Calcite 7mm Cube Table Cut Corner Drill- 15-16 Inch (Blue Onyx)


    This unique stone is named after a now debunked theory of a continent called “Lemuria” thought to have sunk into the Indian Ocean. Though it is widely known to be...

    Sardonyx Blue 12mm Round - 15-16 Inch


    Sardonyx has a Sard base, typically of brown or black, with bands of white Onyx running through it. Sard is not Onyx, but rather a dark variety of Carnelian. Sardonyx...

    Iolite 3mm Rondelle Faceted A Grade - 15-16 Inch


    Iolite most commonly occurs in shades of blue to gray, violet or indigo. It displays a visual property called “pleochroism,” which means that it can appear to be different colors...

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