Vintage Gemstones, Statement Beads, & Scarcity


Dakota Stones Lapis Gemstone Beads


At our gemstone manufacturing company, we are constantly in pursuit of rare and unique gemstones that showcase the true beauty of Mother Nature. Recently, Jeff, our chief gemstone hunter, was able to source some incredible vintage quality strands and some gorgeous statement beads. These strands represent the rarity of shapes, sizes, and quality that are no longer being produced today.

Rarity of Shapes and Sizes

The strands we discovered and sourced feature shapes and sizes that are becoming increasingly rare. Many skilled lapidary artists have retired, and the younger generation has shown little interest in learning this intricate art. As a result, few of these shapes and sizes are being cut anymore, making them a unique find for gemstone enthusiasts. Basically, what we get is all we CAN get!

Rarity of Stone Quality

One reason these vintage strands are so special is that they often come from early deposits, which tend to yield the best quality rough. The finest rough materials produces the most stunning beads, and these vintage strands exhibit the best colors and patterns that are no longer replicable in today's market due to all of these factors.

With larger statement beads, the issues lie in the fact that trends come and go, meaning it wouldn't make sense to have these strands available all the time when they are only sought after for a short time. Also, lapidary artists aren't cutting these shapes and sizes very often in the stone types we seek. Simple cut nuggets and larger sized teardrops are among the categories of shapes we try to source when looking for statement beads.


Dakota Stones Ocean Jasper Gemstone Beads

Early Vein Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a beautiful gemstone that has been discovered in eight different veins in Marovato, Madagascar. Each vein has produced slightly different-looking stones, making them rare and unique! The vintage strands we acquired represent the quality of color and patterns found in the earlier discoveries, showcasing the unique beauty of this gemstone.

The first vein of Ocean Jasper discovered was the largest, followed by the second, which was much smaller, and the last two even smaller. Each vein produces unique colors and patterns, making the Ocean Jasper gemstone a versatile and captivating addition to any collection.


Dakota Stones Hypersthene Gemstone Beads


A gemstone with character and luster, Dakota Stones has been supplying Hypersthene since the early 2000s. However, a lack of quality material over the last decade has limited our offerings to only strands found in the market. Thankfully, our old cutting partner made us aware of a supply of vintage shapes and large rounds in exceptional quality. Hypersthene is the Greek translation for "over strength." This stone is not common, but its rarity does not equate to a high price. It is affordable and beautiful!



The strands we've discovered represent a rare and exceptional find in the world of gemstones. These cut strands showcase the rarity of shapes, sizes, and quality that are becoming increasingly difficult to find. As a wholesale gemstone manufacturer, we are proud to offer these exquisite strands to our clients, providing them with the opportunity to own a piece of history and the unmatched beauty of these timeless gemstones.