The Difference in Facets


Amazonite Faceted Gemstone Beads


Here at Dakota Stones, we offer multiple facets in most of our stone types to give you a variety of looks in your designs. We pride ourselves on offering faceting with precision, quality, and sparkle, and we are constantly looking for new facet types and styles! Different facets and cuts are created in different ways - some hand cut, some laser cut, all beautiful in their own way. Below are some of our most popular facets.


Dakota Stones Faceted Round Illustration

Diamond Cut/Regular Facet

Our largest category of faceted beads fall into a broad category. Faceted gemstones in general are typically made with a laser cutter, starting from the top and bottom of the rough material and then going towards the middle. 

The faceting process looks complex, but it is actually quite simple because lapidary artisans follow a process called HAI - Height, Angle, Index. Height controls the depth of the facet, and when followed closely, creates the precision and symmetry of the faceting over the whole bead. Angle is pretty self-explanatory, creating uniform angles across each facet. If the angles are off, the whole bead will look off. Index controls the placement of the facets. Different facet cuts result in different amounts of facets, size of facets, etc.


Triangle Cut Faceted Gemstones Illustration

Triangle Cut Facet

With this facet, advanced cutting technology now allows for precision cuts, making them high tech and high end! Each facet reflects light at brilliant angles. Each individual bead showcases its beauty with this cut. We currently offer this facet in rondelles and rice beads, both striking and unique!

Create interest with your designs by using both of our triangle cut facet gemstone beads. Both the rondelles and the rice beads work perfectly together, especially in a beaded link necklace!


Double Heart Faceted Gemstones Illustration

Double Heart Facet

These beads are created from a star cut shape and then put through a table cut process to double the facets and double the sparkle. Each facet has two separate cuts to create texture and beauty.

Because this shape is relatively close to traditional faceted rounds, and because we offer them in a huge range of sizes, designing with double heart gemstone beads can be a breeze! Try using these in stretch bracelets, or a statement necklace.


Star Cut Faceted Gemstones Illustration

Star Cut

This cut is between a traditional round and a faceted round, but these beads have fewer facets. This creates a more simple, modern look, but still provides sparkle and sharp angles. Star cut beads have 24 large facets, making them loosely resemble a star, and they have less weight than traditional faceted beads.

Designing with star cut gemstone beads is easy! These beads are chunky and fun but still very versatile. Stretch bracelets are the simplest way to utilize these beads, but they also work well in earring designs, statement necklaces, and more!


Checkerboard Faceted Gemstones Illustration

Checkerboard Facet (Faceted Coins)

This facet type is revolutionary and unique. It is primarily used on a coin shape, making the flat surface perfect for this cut. The large surface captures light and reflects it beautifully. These beads are sold at a low price point despite the intricacy of the facet!

Designing with checkerboard faceted coin gemstone beads may seem intimidating but they can be used in a variety of ways. These beads make great accent beads or spacer beads.


Bicone Faceted Gemstones Illustration

Bicone Facet

We’ve been working for over a decade to make this bicone facet shape! Each facet is cut by hand, and we have created a collection of this classic shape in a wide range of stone types.

Designing with bicone gemstone beads is fun and a good challenge! Using these in earrings, especially with GoodyBeads’ Geo Collection components, can elevate a design to the next level.