The Pantone colors chosen for 2021, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow), are a color combination that represent stability and hope for the future. The Pantone Institute presents this clash of color as a statement for opposing elements uniting to form inner strength and positivity.



Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are further described as grounding, hopeful, energetic and vital - all terms connected to the human spirit - as a way to help overcome the uncertainties we've faced in the past year. This thoughtful approach to color theory highlights how our color choices can influence our daily lives as it can affect our moods, our sense of space, and even our memory.


Color theory connects to metaphysical stone attributes so strongly we need not look far to find perfect stone matches for 2021. Stones like yellow hematoid quartz, yellow jade & opal promote energy, happiness, personal power and clarity. These bright yellows combined with labradorite’s consistent grays and illuminating rainbow flecks tell a story of strength, hope and optimism. All spot-on choices for 2021.

The upcoming Pantone palette for fall & winter 2021/22 is all about reflection and reinvigoration, providing a fresh take on past color trends with an infusion of natural elements. With a presentation of bright, bold statement colors alongside soft pinks and browns, this color story is meant to provide a space to reflect and gain perspective while looking toward the future. We have an almost endless supply of stones that fit nicely into this palette, including both dyed and natural colors, but some of our favorite picks include NEW Rainbow Jade, Agua Nueva, Venus Jasper, White African Opal, Garnet, Green Crazy Lace Agate, Amber and Blue Impression Jasper. Enjoy!