Natural Beads

Dakota Stones offers beads in many other natural materials than just gemstone! Shell, wood, and bone are just a few varieties of natural beads that we carry, and all of them are just as beautiful as the next.


Muonionalusta Meteorite

Muonionalusta Meteorites were first found in 1909 by Swedish kids playing in the village of Kitkiöjärvi, and this monumental discovery has been dated back to falling out of the sky a over million of years ago. Its unique exterior appearance and texture is formed due to the meteorite's extremely low cooling rate when it enters the Earth's atmosphere. These rocks are rare and very sought after by collectors.

Purple Shell Beads

Purple Shell is a gorgeous variety of Northern Quahog clam that has rich purple and white striations of color. Only a small percentage of this shell is made into beads. More commonly, it forms too thin and is kept in its natural state. It is found along the New England coast and it has been used for centuries, mostly in Native American culture.

Stegodon Fossil Beads

Stegodon Fossil is from a species of prehistoric mammoth from millions of years ago! These bone fossils have only been found in or near the Solo River in the Java region of Indonesia, and the beads were hand carved by artisans in the same region. Stegodons were massive creatures, resembling elephants but with much longer tusks!

Mother of Pearl Beads

Mother of Pearl, also known as Nacre, is a naturally occurring iridescent material that forms as a shell's inner layer. It is also made up of the same material that pearls are formed from! It is beautiful, colorful, and durable. It has been used for centuries, mostly in jewelry or as decor. Unlike some other natural materials, Mother of Pearl has some metaphysical properties, mostly associated with good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Shiva Spiral Shell Beads

Shiva Shell, most commonly known as Shiva Eye, is widely known with being associated with the Third Eye Chakra. It is named after the Hindu God, Shiva, and it is thought to protect the user or wearer from negative energy and harm. Shiva Shell is part of the operculum of a sea snail, and can be found in Australia.