Mosaic Quartz - The Perfect Mix


Mosaic Quartz strands from Dakota Stones are a combination of natural and human-made materials. What does that mean? It means that once upon a time someone decided to find a good use for the stone remnants from the cutting process of other stones. Composite, reconstituted, assembled, or reconstructed are all terms used to refer to any stone created using stone remnants from the cutting process mixed with resin to create a new, custom stone.


Since composite stone is the embodiment of repurposing, upcycling, and responsible environmental citizenship, we love seeing these stones used with other upcycled, vintage, and repurposed components. These designs combine the creative energy in a one-of-a-kind piece with implicit messages about the beauty that is just waiting to be discovered in things we may normally overlook, throw away, or simply regard as object, not ornament.


Since many composite stones may be dyed or color-enhanced to create wonderfully saturated colors, and there are lots of stones available in knock-your-socks-off combinations, we see some great statement pieces. These are designs that show us that sometimes more is more. Add some crystals, add lots of crystals, add in some other stones in uncommon shapes, throw in layers of chain. Composite stones can make a statement design both more cohesive and more striking.

The possibilities are limited only by the size of the imagination, and from this imagination was born the Dakota Stones strands of Mosaic Quartz; the perfect mix of natural and human-made materials.