Gemstone Focals & Cabochons

At Dakota Stones, we love gemstone focals! Pendants and donuts can elevate a jewelry design and create contrast and dimension to an otherwise simple piece.


Dakota Stones Gemstone Druzy Agate Pendants

Druzy Agate Pendants are beautiful organically shaped pendants. No two will be exactly alike in shape, size, and color! Druzy is created when water deposits crystals onto a rock’s surface. When the water evaporates and cooling occurs, the minerals are left behind and form into crystals on the rock.

Dakota Stones Gemstone Slice Pendants

Plated Slice Pendants come in silver colored plating and gold colored plating, and each one is beautiful, natural, and unique. In almost 20 stone types, there is something for everyone! These pendants make perfect additions to necklaces or earrings because of their convenient size.

Dakota Stones Gemstone Pendant Pairs

 Pendant Pairs are one of our newest additions to our focal section. Coming in pairs, these are ideal for a plethora of earring designs. They come in four stone types and a huge selection of shapes and sizes, so the design possibilities are endless. Also, they have a super shiny and smooth finish!

Dakota Stones Gemstone Donut Pendants

Donut Pendants are great for attaching to bails and making a statement chain necklace, or make knots with small millimeter leather to create a more natural look. We currently carry circle and square shaped donut pendants in 33 different stone types and 40mm and 50mm sizes!