Energy Prisms: A Multi-Step Diamond Faceting Process

This dynamic Energy Prism cut was first launched in September, 2020 in 20 different stone types. The response has been so positive we are now manufacturing over 40 stone types in 6-10mm sizes and a few select stone types in 4 & 5mm (with hopefully more coming soon!)


This shape starts with a round bead that then undergoes a multi-step diamond faceting process. First, the entire bead is faceted. Then a step-cut is made around the center of the bead creating double terminated points.

This cut was first coined as “Energy Tube” because it is thought that a crystal or rock with double terminated points allows energy to flow freely from both sides. The term “Prism” was added later to better describe how the geometric cut bounces and refracts light from it’s faceted surfaces.



Energy Prisms are now available in 40+ stone types! Find a DIY bracelet project with free printable instructions HERE.

Take Care and Happy Beading!