Challenges of Consistency: Dakota Stones 8-Inch Strand Line

I’m sure we are all tired of hearing about supply chain issues, but they have been especially challenging in the Gemstone industry mainly as it relates to rough supply. Making pretty little rocks requires a lot of steps and a variety of players to carry out those steps. And it all begins with the rough rock. 

Dakota Stones branded 8-Inch product line creates a few challenges during our production process. The first is we built our line around many unique Jaspers and Agates that are mined in North America because we believe North America produces some of the most interesting and colorful Jaspers and Agates. But the amount of rough being exported has been greatly reduced during the last few years and can be mainly attributed to the pandemic.  

The second challenge is that our 8-Inch line includes a variety of cut shapes like ovals, coins, squares, 10x20mm double drill and flat pendant shapes. Cutting these shapes is done one bead at a time, or 1 to 1 cutting, and this takes time and, more importantly, lapidary skills. Over the past few years many of the original lapidary artists are retiring and the craft is not supported as much by the next generation.

Currently, Dakota Stones is the only company manufacturing a line of consistent shapes in any volume and we are uncertain of how many more years we will be able to support the product line. The bulk of Gemstone manufacturing is trending towards products that can be automated and cut in bulk. This includes shapes like rounds, small diamond faceted beads, pebbles and shapes that are organic. Dakota Stones produces and offers numerous styles in these beads and the automation has allowed pricing to remain stable.


BUT, an amazing Jasper cut into shapes truly highlights why designing with stone is special. Jewelry Artists are creating their Art with a piece of Art sculpted by another Artist that was formed by the Earth. Pretty Damn Cool!

Dakota Stones 8-Inch Line is available in 46 stone types across a rainbow of colors and patterns and includes a variety of shapes and sizes. FULLY RESTOCKED!






Thank you for your continued support!