Lapidary: Where Art, Craftsmanship and Stone Knowledge Meet   Dakota Blog 1.09.2022

Stones in the dsPremier collection are exclusively designed, cut, and produced by Dakota Stones.  They are cut from unique and premium rough materials to exacting specifications to create one of a kind pieces. Please note that many strands in the dsPremier collection are unique and may only be available in limited quantities.

Rough cut, hand faceted and simple cut stones are individually shaped and cut by skilled artisans. Each stone type needs to be treated differently in the cutting process as the hardness of the stone and its formation dictate the way the stone is handled and its suitability for different cuts.

Creating quality stone beads demands attention to detail on every level. It begins literally from the ground up- the mining, grading, selecting, designing, cutting, drilling, polishing all require specialized knowledge and skill. Cutting focals and special shapes demands an additional level of skill and artistry.


A talented and experienced stone artisan considers the type of material and pattern before the cutting begins. Creating a template helps the artisan to maximize the utility and beauty in each piece of rough material. When planning shapes and cuts, artisans also need to understand how different stone types are composed on a microscopic or even submicroscopic level. The composition of the stone, underlying crystal formations, cleavage, and hardness/softness of the stone dictate how a stone can (or can’t) be shaped.

The stakes are especially high in the finishing process. After the initial cut, it is perfectly finished, shaped, and polished. Any mistake in these areas can result in an unusable piece.