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    7x10 8x13mm

    Rhodochrosite 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Rhodochrosite is a bubblegum pink to rose red stone, with occasional inclusions of creamy white and dark grey. A manganese carbonate material of the Calcite group, Rhodochrosite has a pearly...

    Phosphosiderite 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Phosphosiderite is a combination of phosphorus and iron. It occurs in hues of lilac to purple with inclusions of mottled gray. Metaphysically, it’s said to facilitate a stronger connection with...

    Morganite 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Morganite gets its pink hue from the presence of manganese or cesium in the stone. It's actually a pink variety of Beryl -- the family of gemstones that also includes...

    Larimar 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Larimar is a translucent blue, turquoise and white stone that can have streaks and patterns of white, as well as red or brown either from oxidation or Hematite inclusions. It...

    Hypersthene 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Hypersthene is often categorized as enstatite or ferrosilite, but its identity is complicated. Pure enstatite contains no iron, and pure ferrosilite contains no magnesium, but hypersthene contains a significant amount...

    Charoite AA Grade 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Charoite is a stone that naturally occurs in intense purple hues, as well as grays, browns, greenish yellows, white and black. These colors swirl throughout the stone in fascinating matrices...

    Botswana Agate 7x10-8x13mm Tube - 15-16 Inch


    Botswana Agate displays highly defined parallel banding, usually in white on hues of brown, gray, pink, tan, apricot and purplish red. Botswana Agate was formed nearly 187 million years ago...

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