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    Tiger Eye Rainbow 8mm Round - 15-16 Inch


    Tiger Eye is a macrocrystalline Quartz stone with bands of rich golds and browns. Its chatoyant layers that create a flash which seems to emanate from within the stone as...

    Chakra 6mm Round Large Hole Bead Strand


    Our Chakra strands are comprised of Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Apatite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Garnet and Crystal Quartz.Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone, known as a “Gem of Fire”...

    Pink Opal 6x8-8x10mm Pebble 15-16 Inch


    Pink Opal is a variety of non to precious opal, meaning that it has lustre and some translucency without the fire or color play associated with precious opal varieties. Pink...

    Black Tourmalinated Quartz 8mm Round 15-16 Inch


    Tourmaline naturally occurs in a full color spectrum and is used as both a trade name and as a gemological name for a group of minerals of varying species Different...

    Aquamarine 6-10mm Pebble 15-16 Inch


    Aquamarine is a transparent to translucent stone ranging from cerulean blue to light blue in higher grades. In lower grades it can be transparent to opaque and is commonly light...

    Red Botswana Agate 6-10mm Pebble 15-16 Inch


    Red Botswana Agate displays highly defined parallel banding, usually in white on hues of brown, gray, pink, tan, apricot and purplish red. Botswana Agate was formed nearly 187 million years...

    Hematite Silver Plated 2x4 Cut Nugget 15-16 Inch


    Hematite is an iron oxide and one of the few gemstones with a metallic luster. When tumbled it can have the look of polished steel. Hematite is black to steel-gray...

    Black Opal 8mm Round 15-16 Inch


    Black Opal is a naturally occurring variety of precious opal mined in Australia. this opal variety is characterized by their dark base tone. It is mined under extremely harsh conditions...

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